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I would like this page to serve as a tribute to those wonderful years that I spent training as a pilot in Salamanca, flying throughout the northern third of the country, with some photos taken at that time.

Currently I only keep my single-engine flight license active for recreational use, having totally ruled out a professional career as a pilot.

My best memories from the air
Volando por tierras castellanas

Flying through the skies of Castilla y León

Vuelo acrobático con el Campeón del Mundo Ramón Alonso

Acrobatic with the World Champion Ramón Alonso

Mi padre en la Entrega de Alas

My father in the delivery of wings

Promoción XXV

Promotion XXV



Avila, mi primera foto artistica desde el cielo

Avila, my first artistic photo from the sky

Cordoba volando

Cordoba - August 2018

Aeropuerto de Asturias

Asturias Airport

San Sebastian Aeropuerto

Landing in San Sebastian 1/2

San Sebastian Aeropuerto

Landing in San Sebastian 2/2


flying over the clouds

Josema y Riquelme.JPG

flying with my instructor

Huesca aeropuerto

Few of us have landed at Huesca Airport

El Helmantico salamanca estadio

El Helmántico Stadium (Salamanca)


Simulator: Our torture room

estadio nuevo jose zorrilla valladolid

New Jose Zorrilla Stadium (Valladolid)

El Arcangel Cordoba estadio

El Arcangel Stadium (Córdoba)

Anoeta san sebastian

Anoeta Stadium (San Sebastian)

Landing at Bilbao Airport on May 27, 2009

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