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Due to my leadership skills and my great love of soccer, I have had several projects related to the King of Sports, founding three soccer teams, a Real Zaragoza supporters club and participating very actively in the Supporters Clubs Federation.

Last projects


In 2004, when I was only 21 years old, I decided to create my own Real Zaragoza supporters club, which I have chaired ever since. We try to promote Zaragocism and support the team both in home games and away games. In addition, we collaborate annually with 5% of our income with a charitable cause related to sports and our land. We currently have 86 members.


Being very active in this Federation, which brings together around 15,000 people distributed among the more than 100 supporters clubs that Real Zaragoza has around the world, I have always contributed my bit to improve this association. Finally, in November 2016, he became part of the Board of Directors for the 2016-2020 legislature.


I have founded three soccer teams, I assume the direction of each one.

  • 1998-2001 Pirineos "B" Sports Group: Founded when I was only 16 years old with the help my father, it was a soccer team from the Sagrado Corazón School in Zaragoza, competing for three years in the Youth category. 

  • 2001-2006 Asador de Aranda FS - Peña Zaragocista David Generelo FS: After the Juvenil period ended, I founded this futsal team to play with my friends from school, assuming the presidency the first seasons and abandoning the project in 2006 when I went to study to Salamanca.

  • 2007-2009 Adventia FS Pilot School: In my student days in Salamanca, I founded a futsal team with my classmates, which I got sponsored by the school, once again assuming the presidency and management of the team.


During the 1999-2000 academic year I wrote a book on the history of Real Zaragoza. Said book served as an annual project for the History subject of the 1st year of Bachiller, in which we had to carry out an exhaustive study of an Aragonese symbol or event. This work was rated with outstanding.

My book is registered in the Library of Aragon, where a copy is kept. I also sent another copy to D. Alfonso Solans Solans, president of Real Zaragoza at that time.

​“It was in 2004 when I met José Manuel, when he proposed to me to create a club with my name, which I accepted without reservations due to the solvency and security with which he approached me. A These management adjectives are added to dedication, excellence and growth. And that helped me meet a restless, creative and self-made person.
I am proud to name one of the projects brilliantly managed by José Manuel and be able to call him a friend.”

David Generelo Miranda, Former Real Zaragoza player 

David Generelo Miranda
"For more than 20 years I have had a great friendship with José Manuel, and since then he has always shown me to be a person with concerns and a desire to "get out of the ordinary", or not to be one more of the "cattle". "of which we sometimes become a part in this life, spending days, months, years without doing anything on our own.
José Manuel has an innate ability or gift to carry out projects or activities. In all these years I have seen him take charge of three soccer teams, found a Peña Zaragocista, set up leisure trips for several friends or even for more than a hundred people, and all this not only thanks to that previously mentioned gift , but to a great management capacity, desire, knowledge, effort and passion in every project in which he becomes a part or directly directs"

​​Álvaro Luís Peralta Ruíz, Sports Director of Padel Plaza

David Generelo Miranda
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